Wonder Window

Kamloops School District
Kamloops School District

This is our “wonder window.” 

I usually start this in October with our fall inquiry unit. I do not start with the bubbles or writing when I start it. They draw their wonders of fall by looking out the window. I may write their wonders on their picture. As the year goes on, the wonders change depending on the season, holidays or what we are learning about. You can also do wonders before the season…. So next, we may wonder all about spring. Sometimes I add in books (as seen in the picture) or pictures, words or objects that may provoke more questions :) I like to add pictures or books for fairy tales because kids often get stuck on their “favourite one,” so it helps them remember all the other ones. 

Later in the year (usually around Christmas, but you certainly can gauge this depending on your class or grade), I add in the bubbles for them to copy their wonders. By the end of the year, I have students, who can, write their own wonders. This ties in phonics, word wall use (if you use one) or using the sound wall. This is one of the literacy centres that I find is constantly engaging, little work for the teacher, usually has everyone on task, can be very easily adapted for so many students and can be made more challenging for those extending students. It also almost always sets everyone up for success. 

I always do this as a class book. We have two going at once. 

Danielle Royce, Summit Elementary, Kindergarten