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June 7, 2023

POPEY Workshop: Communicating Student Learning Workshop

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Look below for additional resources that are referred to throughout the workshop

Communicating Student Learning

Click on either link to access the PDF handouts.

Developing & Supporting K-12 Student Reflection and Self-Assessment of Core Competencies

Updated Curriculum Overview

BC's Know-Do-Understand Curriculum Model

Facilitator's Guide: Assessment Literacy in BC

Gain deeper learning through reflection, conversation, and collaboration.

K-12 Reporting Policy - NEW

Communicating Student Learning Guidelines

Criteria Categories/Criteria for ELA K-9

Classroom Assessment Resources Package

BC's Core Competencies

POPEY's Resources for CSL

Supporting educators with documents that may be useful when planning, assessing, and reporting.

POPEY's K-3 Self-Assessment Resources for Core Competencies

Mentor Text Suggestions for the Core Competencies

A collection of book suggestions for launching conversations & reflections on the Core Competencies.

Using Children's Books to Support Social-Emotional Development

Harvard's Graduate School of Education Article

A look at the benefits of play, and how to encourage it.