Home Learning

POPEY is now creating Home Learning Resources for K-3 students.  Our Home Learning Menus below include suggestions for activities and experiences that can support children’s literacy development at home, as well as considerations for social-emotional learning. 

POPEY has also created some supplementary resources for children to use at home when they’re engaged in literacy activities; these are located in the right column below.  

Generally speaking, primary-aged children are being encouraged to spend about *20-30 minutes a day engaged in literacy activities (such as reading, writing, oral language, and/or playing with words). Our menus provide primary children with flexible and open-ended options: a “buffet menu” to pick and choose from, rather than a “to-do list

*We understand that this 20-30 minute guideline may need to be adjusted for individual children and parents, depending on each family’s unique circumstances.

For tips on downloading and/or printing these POPEY resources from various Mac and PC browsers, check out our video tutorials here.

POPEY’s editable Core Competencies self-assessment resources are now available for download here.


Home Learning Menus Additional Documents & Resources
Tips For Home Learning Alphabet Chart (with clip art images)
  Alphabet Chart (with photos)
Home Learning Menu #1 Beginning Blends Chart
Home Learning Menu # 2 Ending Blends Chart
Home Learning Menu # 3 Feelings Chart
Home Learning Menu # 4 Persuasive Writing Anchor Chart
Home Learning Menu # 5 Supporting Beginning Readers at Home
Home Learning Menu # 6 Supporting Beginning Writers at Home
Home Learning Menu #7 Word Families Chart
Home Learning Menu #8 Mood Metre
  Vowel Teams Chart
Home & School Learning Menu #9 Short Vowels Chart
Home & School Learning Menu #10 Short and Long Vowels Chart
Home & School Learning Menu #11 R-Controlled Vowels Chart
  Tips For Writers... "How Do You Spell...?"
  Tips For Readers... "What Word Is That?"
  Supporting Playful Learning
  Book Chat
  All About Feelings Activity Package
  Word Work Games
  Working Together Chart
  Brain Break Activities
  Social Awareness & Responsibility: Student Self-Assesment Resources
  Personal Awareness & Responsibility: Student Self-Assessment Resources
  Positive Personal & Cultural Identity: Student Self-Assessment Resources
  Creative Thinking: Self-Assesment Resources
  Critical & Reflective Thinking: Self-Assesment Resources
  Communicating: Self Assessment Resources
  Collaborating: Self-Assesment Resources